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Montessori at Roseborough staff are trained professionals, certified by the Association Montessori Internationale. It is their responsibility to understand the developmental level of each of their students at all times, and to guide each child in the selection and use of appropriate materials and activities. They must have the ability to tap into their students’ natural curiosity, encouraging them to become self-motivated, independent, joyful learners. The Board of Directors and the administration support an extensive program of professional development.

  • Merry Hadden

    Executive Director

    Merry is a graduate of the 1977 AMI Training Course in Calcutta, India for work with ages 2-7 and the first AMI Assistants to Infancy (0-3) Training Course in Rome, Italy, 1981. She is a certified Infant Massage Instructor, certified Birth Instructor in the R.A.T. technique, and holds a BA in Psychology and a minor in Business. Merry was the founder of the Montessori N.E.S.T. in Leesburg, Florida from 1983-1994. She moved the N.E.S.T. to Mount Dora in 1994 and expanded the school to include the Children’s House, Elementary and Middle School. She is an AMI Consultant and AMI 0-3 Auxiliary Trainer. In August 2009 Merry combined her passion for “green living” with green “schooling” and moved the school to its current location.


  • Kia Larkin

    Head of School/Toddler Directress - N.E.S.T 1

    Kia Larkin is our Head of School and has an extensive and in-depth knowledge of Montessori education. At an early age she was introduced to the Montessori educational philosophy and attended Montessori at Roseborough as a child. After graduating from Eustis High School, Kia attended the University of South Florida in Tampa, receiving a BA in Psychology with a concentration in Child Development in 2013. To further enhance her Montessori education, Kia attended the Montessori Training Center of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. She received her AMI Montessori 0-3 Diploma in 2012. Her daughter, Nova Lee, is following in her mother’s footsteps and is enrolled at our school.


  • Mia Crabill


    A native of Sweden, Mia came to the U.S. in 1994. Mia was a Montessori child herself. She graduated with a BA in Fine Arts from American Intercontinental University, Los Angeles, California. She uses her graphics background producing the schools print materials. She also completed a course focusing on business development. Mia joined Montessori at Roseborough in 2006.

    Contact Mia for administrative issues, or questions regarding billing and admissions.


  • Michael Hadden

    Facilities Manager

    Michael is a “jack of all trades”. As a world traveler he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the school. He was Project Manager and oversaw the renovations of our new “green” facility. He is involved in ecology, and maintains the facility as a stewardship. Michael has been with the school since 2009.


  • Maria Paz Merino

    Infant Caregiver- NIDO

    Maria is from Spain and speaks Spanish with the children. She joined us in 2013. She has worked in both our Aftercare and Summer Camp Programs. She has a BA in Industrial Drafting from Atxuri Polytechnic in Spain.



  • Jessie Uvalle

    Toddler Directress in Traning- N.E.S.T. 1

    Jessie received her AA from Flagler College. She was a student athlete and has worked with children of all ages coaching soccer. She is a yoga instructor and enjoys teaching yoga in her spare time.


  • Sommer Lewis

    Toddler Directress- N.E.S.T 2 (Nurturing Environment Specialized for Toddlers)

    Sommer is a graduate of the AMI Assistants to Infancy training course at the Montessori Institute, Denver. She is a mother of three. She has an AA in Ministry from Global University in Springfield , MS.  Sommer joined Montessori at Roseborough in 2009. She is currently studying to get her BA in Human Development and Family Studies.


  • Deirdre Jordan

    Primary Directress (ages 3-6 years) – Children’s House 1

    Deirdre holds a BS in Administration of Early Childhood Programs from Empire State in NY.  She received her AMI Primary training at Sion Hill Montessori College in Dublin, Ireland in 1982 and her Assistants to Infancy 0-3 diploma from the Montessori Institute, Denver, Colorado in 1999. She joined our team in 2012.


  • Erika Trejo

    Primary Assistant (ages 3-6 years) – Children’s House 1

    Erika was born in Mexico. She is bilingual and speaks Spanish to the children. She has assisted in our Summer Camps and enjoys being with the children. Erika is an avid reader. She came to us in 2010.


  • Mikkale (Mikie) Seabaugh-Alford

    Primary Directress (ages 3-6 years) – Children’s House 2

    Mikie earned a BS in Child Development from Southeast Missouri State University with a minor in Family Studies. She graduated with an AMI Primary Diploma from the Montessori Training Center of St. Louis in Kirkwood, MO. She joined our school in 1999.


  • Monica Reno

    Primary Directress (ages 3-6 years) – Children’s House 3

    Monica is a graduate of the 2008 AMI Primary Training Course at The Montessori Training Center of St. Louis in St. Louis, Missouri. She earned her B.S. in Communications at the Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico in Toluca, Mexico. Monica is a native Spanish speaker and speaks Spanish with the children. She joined our school in 2003.


  • Jordan Nolette

    Primary Assistant (ages 3-6 years) – Children’s House 3

    Assisting Ms. Sommer, Jordan was a Montessori Child herself! She attended Montessori Primary through the fourth grade. Jordan is yoga certified and enjoys instructing part time. She also enjoys gardening, traveling, and outdoor activities.


  • Carla Esteva Beloso

    Elementary Directress (ages 6-12 years)

    Ms. Carla completed her AMI Elementary Teacher Training at the Montessori Institute of San Diego. Ms. Carla holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Madrid with a specialization in Physical Education. She is from Spain and a native Spanish speaker. Ms. Carla has experience as a camp counselor, substitute teacher, and private tutor. She also received Kumon training, which is a popular method that helps children reinforce their math and language skills.



  • Russ Stam

    Elementary Director in Training (ages 6-12 years)

    Russ has a BA in Psychology from University of Central Florida. He completed his AMI Adolescent Training (12-18) in 2014. He received an Associate of Applied Science in Architecture and Building Technology from Daytona State University. He enjoys small scale organic farming, gardening, and music.



  • Travis Williamson

    Elementary Directress 

    Travis graduated cum laude from Western Carolina University with a BS degree in Early Childhood Education. In addition, Mrs. Williamson received her AMI diploma from the Fondazione Centro Internazionale located in Bergamo, Italy. She received her Masters in Curriculum and Instruction at Cleveland State University. She has also taught at the Fountain of Knowledge in Limerick, Ireland. She has over 30 years of teaching experience in Montessori.


  • Sarah Classon

    Adolescent Program Directress (ages 12-15 years)

    Sarah has a BA in Classical Studies from Rollins College and a MA in Liberal Studies from Rollins College. She completed the AMI Adolescent Training in Chihuahua, Mexico. She enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with her husband and four children in her free time.



  • Fawn Stam

    Co-Adolescent Program Directress (ages 12-15)

    Fawn received her Bachelor of Science in Ornamental Horticulture with concentration in Evolutionary Biology. She has a Master of Arts in Teaching from University of Alaska. Fawn received her AMI Adolescent training in 2014. Fawn enjoys being in nature, hiking, music, and playing the guitar.



  • Hope Goodbread

    After Care

    Ms. Hope began substituting with all age levels and worked in our summer camp program. We are fortunate to have Ms. Hope in the After Care Program full time. She completed her AA degree and is currently taking online classes to become a Speech Therapist.



  • Audra Montgomery

    After Care

    Audra has a bachelors from UCF Nicholson School of Communication in Advertising/Public relations and a Bachelors in Theatre from UCF Conservatory Theatre.