Montessori Elementary Program is designed to be continuum of the work from the Children’s House. The child is now developing the ability to think abstractly and to use his imagination.

For this age child, their work is research. Dramatic stories and presentations stimulate this child’s natural curiosity of the world beyond the classroom.

Materials and follow up activities help the children explore topics in detail. These lead to independent studies in history, geography, biology and physical science. Their study begins with the vastness of the universe down to minute particles of the atom. Art, music and drama are integrated into the life of the class along with physical activity.

The children’s research projects are shared with their peers in written, oral and multimedia presentations. There is a variety of class trips or individual “going outs” to help the children make connections from the curriculum to the community in which they live to the world beyond.

In the Montessori Elementary Program formal testing occurs once a year. Children take the CTBS test which is a standardized test normed across the US. Results are used as objective indicators of what is observed by the teacher in the students daily work.

The goal of the Montessori Elementary Program is to help the child develop self confidence and skills they need to take responsibility of their own learning.