Dr. Montessori believed that education is an aid to life which should begin during the period of pregnancy. She believed the first years of life are the foundation for the future. Because you are your child’s first teacher, a class for mothers and infants is offered one day each week. Dr. Montessori’s research stressed the vital benefits of early parental education and its affects on infants. Both parent and infant are introduced to developmentally appropriate materials. Parents are counseled in the physical and psychological stages of development, and they learn practical ways to create a nurturing home environment while being assisted with attachment and separation issues.

In these sessions, we will discuss topics to promote your child’s physical and psychological development: observation skills, development of movement and language, toileting, independence and setting limits through natural logical consequences.

Classes will be held by Kia Larkin and Sommer Lewis, AMI Assistants to Infancy. This class is for parents, nannies, grandparents, and other primary caregivers.